Speed Maths

Speed maths is something that none of us can avoid, even once we leave school. Whether it is working out how much money we have to spend each month once we've paid our bills, or working out if we have enough money in our pocket for a couple of magazines at the local shop, being able to do mental arithmetic is a really useful skill. Here at Speed Maths, abacus training have got a range of fun number puzzles to help improve the maths and the speed at which the kids can do sums.

All that the kids should need is the ability to concentrate and to want to improve. So that the kids can become a maths whizz in no time at all! The great thing about Speed Maths is the kids can notice a general improvement in both the speed and accuracy with which they can perform various mental arithmetic sums. Here, the kids would learn many interesting math shortcuts that will help them master basic math tasks like multiplication, division, squaring of numbers, etc.

Our training center is dedicated to helping all Primary School kids increase their confidence and improve their performance in Mathematics through the use of faster & easier methods of solving difficult Mathematics questions. Our abacus center have been working hard to feature the best educational resources which work well on interactive boards in the classes. Becoming fast at basic math makes life easier and doesn’t require daily practice.