Memory Techniques (Mind dart)

Memory Techniques ( Mind dart ) training requires kids to select targets that will maximize their likelihood of winning a game. They analyze five different targets and use an area model to predict the theoretical results of throwing darts at individual targets. After their theoretical analysis, kids conduct the task of throwing darts at two targets and check their empirical results against their theoretical values. Those values will not agree. In the class period, kids repeat the same task, again comparing empirical and theoretical results. This time, the results more closely match and kids are asked to explain why.These are so much your mind can do than you can possibly imagine.

Our mind dart memory program makes your mind a bigger place. the general idea of the whole program is to make learning more lively and fun. it gives room for every individual to improve their visualization, imagination and creativity .it is indeed a very effective right and left brain development program . Techniques learned throughout can be directly applied into daily life and school work such as geography, history, science, literature and formulae as well. With these most recent and advance techniques graduating with a degree before the major age is no more the right of born genius.

Total levels : 1
Duration per level : 6 months