1. How many levels or terms are there for completion of course?
 There are 8 levels, level 1 to 8, each level span to three months ( one term)

2. How many classes are conducted in a month and what is the duration of the class?
 The classes are of 2 hours duration in a week.

3. Whether any certificate is issued after completion of a level?
 Yes; On completion of each level and on conducting an examination, a course completion certificate is issued when a child gets a minimum of 70% marks. The children can go to the next level only after completion of the previous level.

4. How a Franchisee is appointed?
 A Franchisee is appointed on eligible terms and conditions an executing a Franchise Agreement for an initial period of 3 years on payment of prescribed fee.

5. What right is conferred on the Franchisee after signing the Agreement?
 The Franchisee, after signing the Franchise Agreement, becomes the licensed / authorised to conduct the business of XtrageniusAbacus and Mental Arithmetic Education for younger children of age group 4 – 13 years.

6. What is the territory / area of operation for the Franchisee?
 The Franchisee can operate up to a maximum distance of 2 to 2.5 km radius.

7. What infrastructure the Franchisee has to provide?
The franchisee has to provide classrooms with good furniture – Benches, Chairs, tables, Display Boards etc. besides an office room and toilet facility. A parents' waiting hall and drinking water facilities are also to be provided.

8. What Display materials will be provided to Franchisees?
 The Franchisee centres are provided with Display Abacus, for a cost, which should be used for teaching. The copy of the Franchisee Certificate issued by the Corporate Office has to be displayed in the centre. A complete 8level books kit.

9. How Course Instructors are appointed and trained?
 Eligible Course Instructors can be appointed on payment of training fee of Rs.5,000/- for a period of 2 years by executing an agreement The course instructor is given a certificate of training which has to be displayed in the centre.

10. Whether the Franchise can open another centre?
 A franchisee can open an extension centre is any institution or in any place where a cluster of students are available, within a maximum distance of 1 to 1.25 kms radius.

11. Is there any Online Training for Abacus/Vedic Math course / Summer camp course ?
Yes. We provide online training for all the courses.

12. How does this program help children face competition?
 The basis of any competition is only speed and accuracy. Our programme helps the student achieve consistent accuracy and once this is achieved through constant practice the speed is improved. The accuracy and speed reflects on the memory of a child, which ensures that the child is accurate and fast in whatever he or she does.

11. Are you conducting competition every year?
Yes, we have conducted national level competition in chennai in the month of January.